Multiply your Pick n Pay smart shopper points by up to 10 times

We’ve found a way for you to spend smarter and earn rewards as you do your grocery shopping.

If you enjoy the feeling of being rewarded for just doing your grocery shopping, then you will absolutely love this benefit from Multiply and Pick n Pay.

As a Multiply member, we’ve found a way for you to get even more out of your PnP smart shopper programme. Join Multiply and watch your PnP smart shopper points multiply up to 10 times depending on your status.

It’s so easy and simple. If you’re a Multiply member make sure you’re also a PnP smart shopper and activate the benefit.

Every time you shop, we will multiply your smart shopper points earned on your qualifying spend by:

  • 2 X for Bronze
  • 4 X for Silver
  • 6 X for Gold
  • 8 X for Platinum
  • And a whopping 10X for Private Club!

Want this benefit?

Then join Multiply and make sure you have a PnP smart shopper card.

Have both? Then activate the benefit:

  • Call 0861 88 66 00
  • SMS ‘PnP’, your ID number and your smart shopper number to 47214, or
  • Login to the Momentum Website and visit Pick n Pay partner rewards page. Click on the Retailer option to activate your benefit and read more about it.

Remember to swipe BOTH your Multiply and Pick n Pay smart shopper cards at the till before the cashier scans your grocery items.

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Max Menzies

Your Financial Planner – Cape Town –



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