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We all know that prevention is better than cure; this is the reason why Momentum Health offers the Health Platform to all its members.

The Health Platform encourages members to be proactive in the management of their health, and certain diseases such as chronic renal failure, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, cholesterol. It is paid

Benefits of the Health Platform:

It offers a set of preventative benefits aimed at early detection and diagnosis to enable the most positive prognosis. The Health Platform benefit is available to all Momentum Health members, is paid for by the medical aid and does not deplete day-to-day cover. This unique benefit encourages health awareness, enhances quality of life and gives peace of mind through:

  • Preventative care: baby immunisations, flu vaccines etc…
  • Early detection: dental examination, general physical examination (GP) etc…
  • Maternity programme: antenatal visits, urine test etc…
  • Management of certain diseases: diabetes, hypertension, HIV/ Aids etc… enabling you to better understand and actively participate in the management of your condition by working closely with your doctor.
  • Health education and advice: The Health line offers 24-hour health and medical advice.
  • Emergency Evacuation: in South Africa by Netcare 911  (082 911)
  • International Evacuation: provided by Netcare 911 (+27 11 254 1600) subject to option chosen
  • International emergency cover: subject to option chosen

To see the complete list of benefits: click here

How to use your Health Platform benefits:

The general rule is that those benefits are subject to pre-notification.

  • On the Base and Access Options: contact your preferred provider for information
  • On the Custom, Incentive, Extender and Summit Options:
    1. login  to
    2. go to ‘authorisation’ and click on Health Platform
    3. select the dependant
    4. see for which tests the dependant qualifies
    5. select the appropriate test
    6. print the authorisation page and take it to your provider OR

Phone the member call centre on 0860 11 78 59 to confirm the tariff code or maximum rand amount, give this information to your provider

When you phone the call centre:

Make sure you have the following information ready:

  • your membership number and name
  • details of the examination or test

The Health Platform is a unique free benefit available to all members: the Scheme will pay for these services from risk benefits, which means members do not run the risk of having their Savings depleted !

It encourages health awareness, enhances quality of life and gives peace of mind. It helps you to detect illnesses early and saves you money. The services provided by the Health Platform for maternity care alone, equate to a value of R7 848 – all payable from risk, whereas the majority of schemes would cover these services from day-to-day or Savings. So be smart and use your FREE benefits!

For further information, please contact Max Menzies on 083 270 9284 or

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