Quick Guide “How to claim – Momentum Medical Aid”

You have joined Momentum Medical Aid and would like to send your claim in for reimbursement. What do you do next?

1 – Check your invoice:

  • Is it the correct amount?
  • Is it the correct procedure described?
  • Has the invoice been paid? if yes mention the word PAID or have it stamped
  • It must show:
    • Full name of principal member, spouse or dependent
    • Your address
    • Your membership number


2 – Forward it to Momentum Health.

  • By email: scan the invoice and email it to member@momentumhealth.co.za. You may want to add the term “claim” in your subject line just to make it easier.
  • By fax: 031 580 0435
  • By mail: PO Box 2338 – Durban 4000


3 – Done!

Always keep a copy, just in case!

For further information, please contact me on 083 270 9284 or email me max@capefinancialplanner.co.za

Till next week!

Max Menzies

Your Financial Planner – Cape Town –

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