Compliance Incentive

Health Compliance Incentive™ programme

Medical Schemes should not only support their members in times of illness, but should actively assist them in preventing illness and detecting it as early as possible. Momentum Health has partnered with a Managed Care organisation to offer revolutionary benefits to our members.


Three easy steps to compliance:

Step 1: Health Assessment

The first step towards compliance is to undergo a free Health Assessment, which will allow Momentum Health to customise your care according to your specific health needs. Health Assessments can be done at Clicks and Dis-Chem pharmacies.

The Health Assessment forms part of the Health Platform benefit and measures:

  • Blood pressure
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Cholesterol test (finger prick)
  • Blood sugar test (finger prick)

Step 2: Comply with treatment protocols

On receipt of the results of your Health Assessment, Momentum Health will provide you with wellness communication that includes nutrition, lifestyle and condition specific information, to assist in improving your health status. If the results of your Health Assessment show elevated risk levels, Momentum Health may recommend further tests.

Based on your results, the Scheme may advise you to register on a Chronic Disease Management Programme and to fully adhere to prescribed treatment protocols.

Step 3:  Be Active

In the interest of promoting wellness, Momentum Health is encouraging members to adopt and adhere to an active lifestyle, either by tracking gym visits (Multiply members with gym membership), or by tracking the number of steps taken per month (Multiply pedometer).

You can earn HealthReturns, based on the average number of steps taken per month, or the number of gym visits logged per month. Your HealthReturns will be proportional to the level of activity maintained.

Receiving your Compliance Incentive™

A monthly SMS will be sent to you, indicating the HealthReturns you will be receiving for that given month. Actual payment into your bank account will take place annually on the first day of the month in which your birthday falls. The Compliance incentive™ programme is open to all Momentum Health members, except those on the Base Option.

Health Returns Table

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