The Right Choice

The introduction of the Momentum Health’s provider choice model has not only enabled greater flexibility for members, but has personified the phrase “Value of Choice” through enabling annual savings of as much as R300 million to the combined membership of the Custom, Incentive and Extender Options who are already choosing to make use of the Associated providers.

Saving up to 30% on your contribution is as easy as choosing to use certain in- and out-of-hospital providers.

Momentum Health pioneered the concept of provider choice by negotiating a better rate with Associated hospitals, doctors and pharmacies and passing this discount on to you, the member.

As shown in the graphic below for a family of 3 on the Custom Option, by selecting between the different in- and out-of-hospital providers, you could save up to R740 on your monthly contribution.

Custom Health Options Benefit Table

Health Provider Choices per Option Graph

Health Provider Choices Graph